Isuzu C Series / E Series (Giga)

Wymer Brothers Ltd carries a range of Isuzu C Series and E Series (Giga) truck parts.

C&E Series (GIGA) trucks: The heavy duty range of ISUZU trucks ranging from the 15 tonne EXR to the 25 tonne CXH. Large size line-haul heavy duty bulk transport, tractor units, logging & contractors type vehicles. There are primarily three generations of these trucks on our roads (Referred to by Wymer Brothers as Indicated).

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C61995-2006 - "C&E95+" series distinguished by the thin Black ornament panel immediately below the front windscreen with Chrome ISUZU badging and a single piece headlamp. The earlier "High Headlamp" model 1995-1997 had a single headlamp mounted within the front panel, while being bumper mounted from 1998 onwards.

2006 to current- Essentially the same core truck as the C&E95+, visually there have been some cosmetic changes to the bumper & front panel and there have been many advances in engine, electronics and running gear technology.

C41985-1995 - "Black Belt" series distinguished by the Black Belt with the ISUZU badge across the Centre of front panel of the cab. The very early trucks of this model had twin round headlamps, but more commonly have twin rectangular headlamps although the last of the series had a facelift with a single rectangular headlamp (93-94 facelift models).

We have a large range of Used & New parts for many of these and earlier S & V models from 1981- 1984

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As New Zealand’s largest Isuzu truck wreckers & dismantlers, we have access to a huge range of quality ISUZU truck parts. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and services from start to finish.

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