ISUZU Journey Bus KT, KS, TLD

We have a selection of  Used parts for ISUZU Journey and other Bus models - BL36, MR112, LR113 etc. We also have a stock of new lamps and lenses to fit these models

also the older TLD23, KT26 & KS32 Models

Lights, lamps, Bezel, Dash Cluster, Speedo Head, Fuel Gauge, Reflectors, Tail lamp, light, Vents grill door glass, screen rubbers, winder handles, Regulators, door shell, Hinges, Handles, Cables, Hub, Drum, Cylinder, Rim, Tyres, Hub, Axle, Steering

windscreen, lids caps, Steering Column Covers

Badges 3.3 DIESEL, 2.8 DIESEL

About Us

As New Zealand’s largest Isuzu truck wreckers & dismantlers, we have access to a huge range of quality ISUZU truck parts. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and services from start to finish.

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Contact Us

Phone: 07 847 2360
Email: enquiries@wymerbrothers.co.nz