Electrical Control Units - Engine (ECU)

Electrical Control Units - Engine (ECU)
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Electrical Control Units - Engine (ECU)
We have a good selection of ECU's available - All used unless stated otherwise.

Here is a list of some of the ECU - Engine we have in stock - Used and new Changing daily, Enquire now

Note Sometimes the 10 digit part number or Customers Number on the ECU is NOT actually the part number that is cataloged for that truck- we have listed both part numbers - Note also the last (10th) Digit does mot have to be same

ECU's - Updated Jan 2017

Engine type/Model  Part No on ECU     Our Ref/Stock no

6WG1TC                    180111270
6WG1TC                    180111405  
6WG1TC                    180110227
6WG1TC                    180110625                X 3
6WF1TC                    180111295
6WF1TC                    180110759
6WF1TC                    180110076                 X 2
6WF1TC Common Rail    1801113130 Ref M707

12PE1N -                                                  L666
10PC1                       181510213
10PE1                       180110889
10PE1                       182505138
10PE1                       180110034
8PE1                         181510690
6HK1TCC                   894392865                 M691 (2758000717)
6HK1TCS                   189105587                 M686
6SD1TC                     181510409
6SD1TCS                  180110820

4HK1TCN                   898080737             L675   
4HV1                         8973079093           J 607
6SD1TCS                    2758001073                    

8PE1                         4079122674           B 325
10PE 1                       4079122614           H 566  

Unknown Model but brand new - purchased in correctly 187410673*


Contact us with your chassis number or REGO and we will Interpret part number of ECU your truck was Manufactured with

NOTE - sometimes ECU's may have been interchanged during the Life of the truck - 


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