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Fuel Tank, Cooling, Air Intake, Exhaust System

Fuel Tank, Cooling, Air Intake, Exhaust System

We have a large selection of - fuel or diesel tanks, caps, brackets, straps, rubbers - new or used both steel or aluminium types.

Whether you have a rusted or damaged tank or just wanting to increase your capacity we can assist.

Cooling – from serviced radiators to good used radiators, water pumps, hoses, thermostats & gaskets – we recommend new thermostats and gaskets but have a comprehensive range to get you back on the road.

Air intake snorkels, filters & housings, lids, ducts brackets give us a call for your options. We also carry a range of serviced Intercoolers and air sensors.

Exhaust systems, brakes and mufflers, brackets, mounts & piping a large range of good used parts. DPD units, heat sensors, catalytic converters, actuators, flappers & anti vibration springs.

We stock Castrol Anti-Freeze & cooling system treatment for your cooling system.


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