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Frame, Cab Mounting

The main chassis and x members are a key part to any truck

We have a range of straight chassis’ that are rust and crack free

Often x members crack and fail truck at COF check. 

Cab mounting frame often cracks from the twisting of the truck chassis due to humps and hollows of road or driving surface

Cab mounting rubbers become worn and cause uncomfortable ride for driver and passengers – we have a good stock of these mounts, rubbers, brackets, airbags, shocks

Frame, Cab Mounting

Parts we provide:

  • Battery Box, Lid & clamp
  • Frame and Other Parts
  • Oil Pump; Cab Tilt
  • LHFF Hanger Cab Tilt Brkt
LHFF Hanger Tilt Brkt
LHFF Hanger Cab Tilt Brkt
Cab Mounting Unit
Battery Box1
8980107692 Assy
8980107482 U
5536150041 U
20220801 155339148
20220801 155319663
20220801 155245383
20220722 114054515


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