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Brakes, Brake System

Brakes, Brake System

We stock a large range of brake components -From the brake pedal or treadle valve to the brake shoes and everything in between - Valves, shoes, drums, S Cams, bushes, air tanks, chambers, diaphrams, air dryers

Both air over hydraulic and full air systems are catered for at Wymer brothers

ABS we have a large range of ABS speed sensors and toner ring, Exciter hubs, Hand brake repair kits for N Series. Air Masters treadle valve, master & wheel cylinders

We stock Castrol Brake fluid and other lubricants

Parts we provide:

  • 6 Rod Suspension Trunnions
  • Air Tank
  • Brake Valve; Air
  • Front Wheel Brake
  • Trailer Control
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6 Rod Suspension Trunnions


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