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N Series Dismantling

N Series (ELF) trucks: The range of light ISUZU trucks ranging from the 1.5 tonne NHR to the 9 tonne NQR. Small runabout, pickup & delivery & trade type vehicles. All models are powered by diesel engine. There are primarily three generations of these trucks on our roads (Referred to by Wymer Brothers as Indicated below).

Wymer Brothers Ltd carries a range of N series truck parts including ISUZU Elf truck parts and ISUZU NKR truck parts. All at great prices. The images on this page are indicative only, please call if you have a specific part requirement.

2008+ "Gen 6" Elf series

The latest & current generation with it's distinctive Square front shape. May also be referred to as 700P model or Reward (England)

2005-2007 "Dame Edna", "Gen 5" series

An interim face-lifted model of the N95+ distinguished by it's triangular shaped headlamps. May also be referred to as 600P model.

1995-2005 - "N95+" series

Distinguished by the Black ornament panel immediately below the front windscreen and more commonly a single piece headlamp although some of the early variants of this model had double square headlamps. The NRR import model is a crossover between the N & F Series trucks. It is essentially an F series truck (running gear & 6 cylinder engine) with an N Series cab. May also be referred to as 100P model

1985-1994 - "Black Belt" series

Distinguished by the Black Belt with the ISUZU badge across the Centre of front panel of the cab. Commonly has twin square headlamps although the last of the series had a single rectangular headlamp (92-94 facelift models). We also stock parts for WKR van and the older KT, KS, TLD Models 1980 to 1983.